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GIRL ZOMBIE: Wrap It Up (the supersize CONCLUSION!)



GIRL ZOMBIE: Hunter and Hunted

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Apologies for the delay in the story, I know a couple of you were following.  But it’s back, and this first tale is ALMOST -not quite- over.  There may yet be a surprise or two for you.

Adventure Comics # 300 homage

Completely Comics cover art doodle-rama

I was very very flattered to be asked to provide cover art for the Completely Comics Facebook page.  Said page can be found here:!/completelycomics

Do check the page and podcasts out; Misters Troy & Will are great comics-loving guys!

I chose to do Fandango characters and the idea here is that Risky Barton -everyone’s favorite fear-free fellow- is encountering Girl Zombie & FEMbrain at a Completely Comics fashion show.

My characters rarely get to interact, so this was especially fun for me.  Thanks, Completely Comics!


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GIRL ZOMBIE: Fake friends

Click for best view.  GIRL ZOMBIE will post every Sunday as we barrel toward the surprising conclusion!

GIRL ZOMBIE: The Dead You Know

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GIRL ZOMBIE: Into the Fire

For reals, folks… GIRL ZOMBIE is *not* for the squeamish from this point on!  (Always click for best view)


GIRL ZOMBIE: cat fight

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GIRL ZOMBIE: It’s complicated

Lydia and Bev have tracked the men who “killed” them to a park in Deadville where they are camping… only to discover a wee complication.