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They’re not the X-Men or Doom Patrol

...although using those team names in the post title might drum up a couple of extra hits.  *tee hee*
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Bad Idea Man in: I want a new drug

Which super hero will “go gay” next?

As is well known, DC Comics restarted their entire universe last year.  Now they are making headlines for bringing back the original GREEN LANTERN, Alan Scott, as a gay character!  One wonders which as-yet un-reintroduced  character might next “make the switch” for a chance to make the big-time…?

Bad Idea Man: Saint Patrick’s Day

Heroine of the Roller Derby

Using her paranormal balance abilities, ROLLER QUEEN fights any evil that threatens her skating sistren!

Unclad Man saves the day(light)

Spring into action like Unclad Man!

Bad Idea Man: The logic of Leap Day

Unclad Man’s newest foe

Bad Idea Man strikes again!

Larry’s Post-holidays mountain HQ blowout