Monthly Archives: January 2012

Old Mad Sue’s Gelatin Booth


DeeDee walks into a bar…

A new afterlife adventure

Startling info about Fandango host revealed!

(thanks for the joke, PORTLANDIA… everyone should watch you on the IFC Network to see what joke I might ste… umm, “borrow”… next!)

Wanna wrestle?

Available on cassette or 8-track tape

Risky & Holden and a mysterious angel…

Baby DeeDee’s first word

The joke’s on you, mortal woman who bore her!

It’s Nanette! …and a mystery man

Nanette is a hard partier, but …as is evidenced here… what she really might be looking for is LOVE… and she will tell any lie she can think of to get it!

Happy Birthday from a Frenemy