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AKA much 80s/90s poetry angst! Bathe it in! Written in the very late 80s, like 88 or 89. My favorite thing about FALLEN HEART is the closing lines, and how selfish and witholding they are. I love the major realization about myself that should have made me really think twice is buried within a bunch of lines of blahblah. I love that I even care about this 20-plus years later (I must be bored!) CLICK PICTURE TO ENLARGE!



Life Sucks or Why I Love Dean Lee

Dean is my co-everything on the web-comic STARSEARCHERS– look us up on Facebook. Without him, STARSEARCHERS exists only in my teenage notebooks, and not as an actual THANG that is out there in the webiverse. He’s a lot busier these days than he was, so any chance to collab with him is a good thing. I was delighted to hear from him recently, asking if I could script a one page story using some ideas he had.

One page? Difficult, yes, but I wasn’t about to say no to Dean. As I recall, his idea was about a man who was tired at work, and the tiredness involved a woman, but he wanted a twist to it. And thus the one-page wonder that is LOVE SUCKS was born.

When he completed his as-always fantastic artwork/coloring/lettering on the script I submitted to him, the only critique I had was that the 1-page format did not do justice to the twist at the end.

I love any chance to work with Dean. I’d love nothing more than to be able to pay him a comfortable wage to bring all of our ideas to life. Maybe one of these days… until then, here’s LIFE SUCKS. Let us know what you think: