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Who do Ron Diva & Dr. Gwen endorse?


2 become 1: Gwen & Ron combine assets!

I don’t know about you, but I find it heartwarming when two adversaries put aside their differences and decide to work together!  And isn’t it kind of comforting to know we live in a world where sexual blackmail can blossom into love?!


The feud gets HOT!

As is well-known by fans of Dr. Gwen Roil: Girl Psychiatrist, her online doctorate in psychiatry came after much work, blood, sweat and tears… and BOY is she proud of it!  Then, Ron Diva: Lifestyle Counselor entered the picture… Dr. Gwen feels like Lifestyle Counselors (who do NOT need a degree of ANY kind) insult her profession!  But handsome, smooth-talking, charming Ron Diva had ambitious plans and a reason for seeking out Dr. Gwen… a reason that will now be revealed to her!

Ron Diva makes his move!

“Psychiatrist” vs. Lifestyle Counselor!

enter: “Doctor” Ron Diva!

Dr. Gwen’s new therapy

Dr. Gwen’s diagnosis

Dr. Gwen on your fear of clowns

Dr. Gwen drops a bomb