What IS this crap, anyway?

My name is Michael Lash and my head gets full of ideas, see?  And then my fingers take to windows paint and the mouse to doodle them out as best as I am able for this medium. I call these silly, simple drawings “fandangos”.

One of these days, I hope this page will be like the internet version of a newspaper’s so-called ‘funny pages’, where readers will turn for a daily dose of zany.

It’s free! It’s festive! It’s fun! Laugh along with Lash at the Full Frontal Fandango!

  1. You have a wicked genius mind!

  2. Child, a daily dose of zany is just what I need!
    Lokking forward to the LULZ!

  3. I look forward to LULZing you daily!

  4. Michael McCormick

    Why, this place is fabulous!

  5. Why, Michael Mc!! I so do hope you drop by daily for your regular dose of fandango!!

  6. …How did I get here? Who cares? This is awesome!

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