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the magic of Leap Day


FEMbrain’s Angelina Jolie’s leg meme

Bad Idea Man: The logic of Leap Day

Ladybug bullying: A surreal concern

Don’t be a sucker!


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Angst Corner: “A Thousand Words”

Poetry is so awesomesauce because it can be anything, as Poetry-Slam Patty demonstrates here!

Sad weekend

The Many Crimes of FEMbrain # 1


(especially graffiti done so stylelessly… please don’t tell her I said that)

Journey into Mystery

I have been asked what kind of job DeeDee has.  After some consideration, I decided there could be only one answer: she’s her OWN boss, of course.  I’d love to visit her comic shop but be wary of how you treat her… THIS guy learned the hard way: