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Full Frontal Fandango Beverage Coasters

FEMbrain, Risky Barton (with Holden Showers), Zombie Valentine, and Piece of Mind captured on coasters.  Now you can put your beer where you’ve always wanted to–  on FEMbrain’s brain-tank!



Risky at his press conference

Inspired by other celebs, Risky has something to say!


The Deadliest Adventure YET!

Completely Comics cover art doodle-rama

I was very very flattered to be asked to provide cover art for the Completely Comics Facebook page.  Said page can be found here:!/completelycomics

Do check the page and podcasts out; Misters Troy & Will are great comics-loving guys!

I chose to do Fandango characters and the idea here is that Risky Barton -everyone’s favorite fear-free fellow- is encountering Girl Zombie & FEMbrain at a Completely Comics fashion show.

My characters rarely get to interact, so this was especially fun for me.  Thanks, Completely Comics!

Boy Adventurers meet Teen Detective

Jungle Action!

Love is Risky

Risky & Holden and a mysterious angel…

Risky vs. Don Aplomb

Will Risky get Lucky?