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Never doubt the evil of FEMbrain


It’s difficult being a celebrity super-villain

FEMbrain’s They Said I Could Be Anything meme

FEMbrain’s ‘That Awkward Moment When’ meme!

The Many Crimes of FEMbrain # 2

Capturing a hero’s teen sidekick– then forcing him to MARRY her!  Poor Best Boy fell victim to this crime… Best Man was NOT amused.

The Many Crimes of FEMbrain # 1


(especially graffiti done so stylelessly… please don’t tell her I said that)

FEMbrain’s What People Think I Do Meme

(CLICK for best view)

Unclad Man’s newest foe

DeeDee meets FEMbrain!

Thor-speaking nutjob meets headless super-villainess!