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Listen well, mortals! DeeDee endorses…


Journey into Mystery

I have been asked what kind of job DeeDee has.  After some consideration, I decided there could be only one answer: she’s her OWN boss, of course.  I’d love to visit her comic shop but be wary of how you treat her… THIS guy learned the hard way:

DeeDee on being single on Feb 14th

DeeDee & FEMbrain eye the same guy

Both women are the epitome of foxiness… and both bring an equal amount of crazy to the table.  But will either one be able to capture the mystery guy’s heart?  (NOT literally, FEMbrain…)

DeeDee walks into a bar…

Baby DeeDee’s first word

The joke’s on you, mortal woman who bore her!

DeeDee’s favorite hobby

DeeDee is inconvenienced

Fun with crazy folks