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This Valentine’s, skip the candy

It’s a healthier world out there…  we know more about the diabetes-inducing death bombs we put in our bodies than ever before.  Giving your Valentine candy this year is the same as telling them, “I hope you DIE, you (insert expletive of choice here)”.  This year, give ’em “The Old Mad Sue” special!  Tell ’em Lash sent you!


Pale Earl vs. Apple Pie

About Pale Earl Says:

Earl’s a ghost, obviously, new to this particular afterlife.  What started as Earl giving advice to the living from the beyond kinda evolved when I decided to add more ghosts to play off his newly-dead newbieness.  So far, Wan Paulette, Ghostly Greg and an unseen Bully have joined in on Earl’s fun (or lack thereof, actually).  Today someone else new joins the cast.    The best way I can describe this series is probably as my twisted homage to Charles Schulz’ wonderful PEANUTS.