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Angst Corner: “A Thousand Words”

Poetry is so awesomesauce because it can be anything, as Poetry-Slam Patty demonstrates here!


The Many Crimes of FEMbrain # 1


(especially graffiti done so stylelessly… please don’t tell her I said that)

Angst Corner: “Human Waste/Bookstore State”

Here in Angst Corner, your humble host Lash exposes his inner poet, from way, way, waaaaaay back in the day when he felt things SO intensely.  We call those days “late teens to early twenties” and I can’t say I am sad to see them LONG GONE.  Makes me glad kids these days have the Facebook and the YouTube to obsess over… keeps them from writing crap poetry that they are convinced at the time must be very meaningful!


Get YOUR PHD in ‘street’!

Next time some ho gets all up in your face, BE READY!  Enroll NOW in MAD BAD GIRL classes!  Dr. Kimathy Jones is ready to MAKE YOU STREET!  Absolutely recommended for any future reality show starlet!

ANGST CORNER: “Hope Springs Eternal”