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You’re Not A Geek Unless You Watch These Shows

Yeah yeah yeah, you’re the geekiest one there is. Except that you aren’t unless you are a fanboy/girl/whatevs for the following current TV series (FOR THE RECORD: Big Bang Theory is not listed here):



Archer is how you get ants. Holy Shitsnacks, not only is it hilarious, it’s one of the most re-watchable series I’ve ever encountered. I’ve worn ARCHER out repeatedly (PHRASING!!) on Netflix. Spy sendup silliness at its finest, ARCHER takes the terms “snappy patter” and “witty repartee” to entirely new levels of ridiculous coolness.



That this incredibly witty comedy has had to struggle for renewal against AMERICAN IDOL and THE BIG BANG THEORY all its life is criminal. COMMUNITY regularly spoofs Pop Culture in all its forms, and even did a full-blown zombie episode BEFORE zombies got hot. Alternate realities? Parallel timelines? Evil goatee-sporting duplicates? Paintball? Chicken fingers? Musicals? It’s all here. But catch on FAST, because the last few episodes are about to air and who knows if NBC will renew this constant underdog?



The current # 1 reason you should get HBO. This series pretty much has something for everyone. Politics, sex scandals, battle scenes, more sex, intrigue, heads and hands chopped off regularly, betrayals, backstabbery, giants, zombies, more sex, family angst, people with weird powers, sex, and… oh yeah, DRAGONS. But not sex with dragons… yet, anyway…



VERY loosely based on JOHNNY QUEST, the world of The Venture Bros. is a place filled to overflowing with fun, action, and homages to just about everything that was cool in the 60s and 70s. Season 1 available now on Netflix, season 5 begins THIS MONTH (May 2013) on Cartoon network’s Adult Swim. There’s no excuse for anyone who fancies himself even the slightest bit geek to miss this show.

So I’m ending it here. By my thorough calculations and scientific taste pattern testing, it’s pretty much well-documented that these 4 shows will complete your transition to absolute geekery. “B— but what of THE WALKING DEAD… THE VAMPIRE DIARIES… SUPERNATURAL… REVOLUTION… ARROW… or (fill in whatever current geeky show I didn’t list)???”, you exclaim disbelievingly with the slightest hint of spittle on the corner of your mouth, making you look slightly crazy… and maybe a bit do-able after a few cocktails. Yeah, I like those too. Being a geek is the best because there’s no shortage of great stuff for us to discover. GEEKS UNITED!

……But… if you’re reaLLLLLLLLLy gonna put me on the spot about a 5th choice, I’m gonna give it to ridonkulous comedic masterpiece PORTLANDIA (IFC):