Boarding School Confessions

What hijinx will teen girls get into when they are all “Near No Lad”?  It sure ain’t kittens and lillies!

Seniors haze the Freshmen!  Hell Night begins when we “Gin Her Bra”… and doesn’t end until she’s fully soaked!

The curse of unpopularity!!  Meet “Alyssa A. Leper”!

In the far-flung future, a nerd’s clone returns… for VENGEANCE!  Cringe before the fury of “Alice Ten”!

Jillary is a “Cali Teen”… but she’s about to find out that don’t mean squat in this Mississippi boarding school!


About lashlaugh

I'm a doodling fool... I hope to bring a tiny smile or enormous guffaw to anyone who visits. Laugh along with Lash, it's the cheapest medicine!

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