Thanks, Dave Cockrum

Dave Cockrum: most people who know of his work go straight to X-Men.  Not me, but then I’ve always been an oddball.  I go straight to Legion of Super-Heroes and from there to Infectious Lass.

The WHO-gion of super-WHAT, you ask?  Long story short:  The interplanetary Super-Friends/Justice League of 1000 years in the future that Superboy (Superman as a teenager) was a member of through time-travel!  Simple, right?  Anyhoo, about Infectious Lass… Dave’s design sent delight through my brain, and also it was always easy to feel a bit sorry for her…  from Superboy # 201 (written by Cary Bates, art by Mr. Cockrum):

Then this happened right afterwards:

Poor Star Boy was more chivalrous than bright, considering her name and all.

And her next appearance in Superboy/Legion of Super-Heroes # 218 (art by Mike Grell):

(Don’t worry too much about that scoundrel in green… he rather deserved it, in my opinion!)

Yes, Dave Cockrum left the art-chores on LSH to re-launch the X-Men to fantastic new highs, but Infectious Lass would continue to be seen through the years… drawn by superstar artists like…
Keith Giffen:

Dan Jurgens:

Cliff Chiang:

She even made it onto the short-lived Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon, and had a prominent 1-episode role:

And I still love her to this day, and given the chance always howl for her to make an appearance! Rumour has it, she will be doing so in an upcoming issue of LEGION LOST. My fingers are space-crossed.


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